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Steve Buzzell Music

Best listened to with good headphones

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Steve and Judy Capitol Records Demo 1976
Steve Buzzell and Judy Lunseth with Russ Kunkel and Leland Sklar

Live Band Performances

Off And Sailing summer 1977 Cape Neddick Lobster Pound
(multi = multiple instruments) (Randy Sabien multi, Dean Stevens multi, Doug Stanton percussion, Bill Dewey multi, Steve Buzzell multi)
Nature Boy.mp3 (Randy violin)
Open Heart 2.mp3 (Steve vocal)
Brown Eyed Women.mp3 (Randy vocal)
The Dutchman.mp3 Dean vocal)
My Baby Left Me.mp3 (Randy vocal)
Ride The Wind.mp3 (Steve vocal)
Sweet Georgia Brown.mp3 (Randy on violin)
Triad.mp3 (Steve vocal)
He's Gone.mp3 (Randy vocal)
Mumbo Jumbo Boogie.mp3 (Randy vocal)
Mr. Charlie.mp3 (Randy vocal)